Daniel Juarez Gonzalez | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days CERN 2019
on Wednesday 1 May

Daniel Juarez  Gonzalez
Daniel Juarez Gonzalez

Software Engineer in the Software Development Tools group at CERN

Providing Continuous Integration at CERN


Continuous practices like Continuous Integration, Deployment, Testing and Delivery play a big role in modern software development life cycles that allow organizations to frequently and reliably release new services and provide updates and CERN users rely on it to a large extent. Because CERN’s current CI infrastructure and design have evolved largely over the last years, this talk aims to describe its evolution and past problems and solutions. This talk reviews our current tools and features that CERN provides to facilitate Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, as well as extra components that make it as accessible as possible to most of the organisation use cases, such as Jenkins, Nexus, distributed S3 caching and Docker registry.

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