Hubert SABLONNIÈRE | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days CERN 2019
on Wednesday 1 May

I'm a curious and passionnate Web developer. I'm specialized in HTML, CSS and JavaScript but I also use server side technologies like node.js, PHP, Java, Neo4j, Docker...

My motivation : "To push the technology far enough to find new ways to improve user's experiences."

The Web, its frameworks and its standards: deconstructing them for a more resilient code base


In the wonderful world of frontend Web, the frameworks and their ecosystems come and go... For a lot of devs, this endless race is getting tiring. Nevertheless, we continue to make architecture decisions that will push us tomorrow to throw away and rewrite lots of code. Step by step, it gets very easy to be locked into a given framework/ecosystem and too easy to limit one's skills to what this ecosystem provides. We tend to forget the basics and most of the time it pushes us to write code where all layers and concerns are mixed up (UI, DOM access, data access, router, stage manager, bundling, build...). In this session, we'll deconstruct the different parts of modern Web frameworks : Why are we using those tools? Which problems do they solve? How can we avoid our code to be locked in and mixed up with those ecosystem? How can we produce future-proof code that resists against the hype and evolutions of the Web platform?

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