WGU-5016 Recursion, Iteration, and Javascript: a Love Story | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days CERN 2019
on Wednesday 1 May

   Recursion, Iteration, and Javascript: a Love Story


Modern Web
Modern Web
Beginner & novice level
Council Chamber Wednesday from 16:50 til 17:40

Recursion and iteration usually seem like epic rivals, on opposite sides of a fundamental tradeoff between machine- and human-efficiency. Iteration’s stateful repetition can be more performant, but many coders prefer to work with the self-referential abstraction of recursion. But in this talk we’ll see that with a little love from JS, these apparently star-crossed paradigms can actually unite to improve each other: custom Iterables allow recursion to power more human-efficient iterative code, and tail call optimization uses iteration to make recursive code more machine-efficient.

Anjana Vakil
Anjana Vakil

Anjana suffers from a debilitating case of curiosity, which led her from philosophy to English teaching to computational linguistics to software development. As Engineering Learning & Development Lead at Mapbox, she can usually be found in San Francisco; that is, when she's not speaking at events around the world, trying to share the joy of coding and advocate for a more diverse & accessible tech industry. Ask her about the Recurse Center, Outreachy, and Mozilla!

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